Remind my boyfriend to make the bed

I have a smart outlet that works with my electric bed warmer, and it’s lovely.
Except, my boyfriend sleeps much later than I do, and if the blankets aren’t made neatly when the warmer comes on, then MY blankets don’t get warmed up, and even the bed doesn’t really get warm if it’s uncovered.
He doesn’t want the warm blankets, and I do, so the solution is to make the bed!

So, tasker sends a text message (I haven’t set it to send a random message yet, but it does send at a random time during a specified interval) to him each weekday morning to remind him to make the bed.

Oh man, don’t tell my wife about this!


How did you make the random time?
I am trying to develop a shortcut that sends a random message to someone daily. I am trying to pick a random time and have not been able to figure this out?

Note that this solution is for Android and uses an app called Tasker for the automation. Different platform and different app to i*OS and Shortcuts a you reference in another post.

Are you looking to do this on Android as well?