Release notes for iOS shortcuts beta?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if Apple publishes their release notes for Shortcuts somewhere? I am currently downloading the dev version 14.5, and I would like to know what’s new.

Sometimes there are details in the beta release notes, as this is a developer beta, they’re on the developer site.

However, in my experience, a lot of updates to Shortcuts aren’t announced and it’s up to us to find them!

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Like easter eggs then! Thanks Rosemary! I thought it was just me who was blind and could not find the release notes.

It’s always interesting to see what they say isn’t working; Tends to suggest what they’re, ahem, “fiddling with”. :slight_smile:

But, in this case (as of 14.5 Beta 1) I’m construing none of it as having anything to do with Shortcuts. Help me construe better, folks. :slight_smile:

Good tips Martin, so far opening apps and setting the dark mode on Apple TV is a bit buggy so i guess thats one area…If anyone find anything else feel free to post!

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Screen rotation lock control with the ability to take screen shots in the latest dev beta.

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Set wallpaper via shortcuts is back in latest beta!!!

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I think that’s been there a little longer. Not running the beta but I have the action too :wink:


Well aint I the blind one, maybe I just got lucky when i searched the actions lol gotta grab my spouses iPhone and compare… :wink: