Regexp @ Scriptable behaves different than standard

Hi all,

I am using regular expressions quite often. I test them with the usual online regexp testers, algorithm adjusted to JavaScript. But the behavior while using the search with scriptable is different, especially the „laziness“ does not seem to work. My question: Is there a systematic difference I have to keep in mind?


There are differences between browser implementations, though I expect for Scriptable it is more a case of overlap with the operating systems’s JavaScript core engine.

A well known limitation is look behind assertions, but I don’t recall seeing anything about lazy quantifiers before.

Perhaps you could provide an example expression, source text, result and expected result, with a link to the online checker(s) you are using?

Hi Sylumer,
Trying to provide the needed information I realized where the problem was: I am parsing a webpage, and what Request(url).loadString() returns somewhat different than the sourcecode of the Page itself.
Using the returned string in the regexp Tester is kow consistent.

Interesting that this comes up now after having done a couple of regexp matches already…

Nevertheless, thank you for your answer, brought me on the right track…