Refrigerator/Fridge NFC tag shortcuts examples

Could you please share your fridge NFC tags shortcuts? Maybe someone have examples with integrated in groceries reminders links?

Thank you!


Translation: Refrigerator - for our USAn friends. :slight_smile:

I don’t have one on my fridge but do have one on a flower pot on the kitchen window ledge, if that counts. But it’s mostly about kicking off messages to family - via a menu.

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As an important note: Most fridges/refrigerators are made of metal, so you’ll need the right NFC tags if you’re sticking them directly to it.

I’m not using NFC tags yet, but I am diving into Grocy.

This is overkill for most people, but I wanted inventory tracking for a number of less frequently items/things which I tend to find I’m running low on when it’s very inconvenient (water jug filters, washing machine tablets). I also wanted meal planning and a way to see what I should eat/freeze next. This may end up featuring on a future episode :joy:

My aim is to set something up where I can easily check what my next meal/action is (e.g. defrost something), and mark the meal/items as eaten/used incredibly quickly.


thank you Rosemary! Learned about metal surface in a hard way ))

Part of this i heard in recent podcast episode, it was about pills and i also want to implement this as a reminder with embedded link to seller of machine tablets as a direct link or as a search query.

Thanks for grocy, will dig into


Similarly, for things like toothbrush heads and razor blades (6-monthly and 8-weekly, respectively) I put replacing as tasks in OmniFocus. And bump the task the appropriate amount of time.

Bumping the task is probably “not very GTD” :slight_smile: but it works for me. What I have a hard time doing for some regular tasks - but not these - is remembering how much to bump a regular task by. I guess I could put that in the Note field for the task.

for me works to place this info in task name in Daylite, i even do not have to open it

We have some regularly/commonly purchased items I tracked when we use to order through Amazon/Whole Foods deliveries. Since then I have an NFC tag on the side of the fridge that once tap brings up a list we can chose the items we need from said list. It throws it in reminders that’s a shared list for groceries. There is also a question at the end to add anything not on this list.

It’s not overly complicated but very useful, especially with kids.

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looking for exactly a use case like yours, could you please share details?