Recommendation for a Smart Lock

I have on of these “first world” issues where I no longer need keys for my car. So, I tend to forget this. My dog also can open the door to the garage if it is not locked. So, I’d like to use an NFC tag to kickoff a shortcut to unlock my door. Anything the works well with this?

I don’t have a smart lock, but my brother in law has an August lock and likes it.

Also this guy made a video talking about a smart lock, he has some interesting videos about different home kit things But not all focused on technology.

I would go with Yale or a Schlage. Most people seem to like the Yale Assure series.

The issue that I seem to be finding is that all of the smart locks are deadbolt replacements. This is a door from my garage into my house, and has no deadbolt. So, I would prefer just to replace the normal door handle/lock with an equivalent smart lock, but maybe I have to consider a deadbolt for it.