Recommend some good HomeKit-compatible plugs?

I have two computers which, occasionally, need to be hard-rebooted. (Yes, I realize this is not ideal and that no one should ever hard reboot a computer. That being said…)

Doing so can be a hassle, especially if I am not home, so I was thinking about getting two HomeKit compatible plugs that I could turn off for “X” number of seconds and then have them come back on.

My family is largely disinterested in HomeKit, so I’m not worried about anyone messing with them.

I’ve checked on Amazon and there are a plethora of these available for Alexa, and only a handful available for HomeKit, but I wondered if anyone could recommend which ones are good/reliable based on their experiences or reviews read.


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As an experiment, this month I installed a Wemo Mini Smart Plug to control the living room lights. Works fine with HomeKit automations as well as the Wemo app. So far, I’m well pleased but look forward to reading other suggestions. The Wemo is on sale on most sites, I wonder why.

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Hmm. The plug I bought to control the xmas lights this year is great—and the cheapest one I could find—but it seems to be completely sold out. Even on Amazon.

If you come across it, it’s cheap and it works!

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Right now the VOLOlinc series is an Amazon “Lightning Deal”. I got 2 of these for my mom and they seemed ok so I’m going to snag them. If that deal is sold out, check the others, they all seem to be part of the deal but some are selling fast

Wemo seems to have a better reputation, and I’m guessing the app is nicer but the VOCOlinc deal was pretty much 50% of what it would have cost to get two Wemos, so it seemed worth it.


I have several of the Wemo Mini Plugs. They’ve been reliable, and work well with HomeKit. They go on sale fairly often.

The VOCOlinc ones seem fine so far. Have to use its own app for the initial setup and firmware updating.

The app will also let you do something I wish HomeKit could do: you can tell it to turn off then wait 1-60 seconds before turning back on. That’s handy if you just need to “power cycle” something.

I have two TPLink (UK variants) which are great.

Note: These ones (so maybe others) only connect to 2.4Ghz Wifi, so if your router auto-switches, you’ll need to setup a dedicated 2.4Ghz channel (as opposed to the default of 5Ghz). It’s easy enough to do but flummoxed me for a good week as to why I couldn’t connect to the plugs!

Yeah, the Vocolinc ones are the same way. Fortunately I think Eero uses both and they didn’t seem to have any problem picking up the network.

Yep, got two of these over the holidays and they’ve worked well for me. I use both with lights. I have one on a schedule turning on and off throughout the day. I have another one I use near my desk and I turn it on through a combination of different shortcuts and an NFC tag.

I have have been using the iDevices switch for this purpose for years. I use the separately controlled status/night light on it as a status light which can allow automations that would otherwise need confirmations. i.e. When the last people leave home, turn off the status light. Then, another home automation, went he status light goes out and no one is home… close the garage door and lock the front door. I don’t don’t recommend using the automation the other way, however. Just in case.

That said, either it’s getting old or there is a glitch recently where it cycles the power randomly. iDevices was quick to respond with troubleshooting and a network scan that pointed towards Plex server messages that overload it with a firmware patch coming soon. Turning off “network discovery” on Plex may have fixed it in the interim.