Read txt from Shortcuts folder on scriptable

Hey guys!
Is it possible to make scriptable reads a txt file saved by Shortcuts on its folder without having to manually pick from file picker every time? That txt is always on the same place

Set a “File Bookmark” in your Scriptable app settings, then check out the FileManager access methods.


Fantastic! Thanks a lot!!!

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Tried it and works great with scriptable opened, but it fails when running a scriptable script from Shortcuts. Only way I could make it work was making Shortcuts open scriptable and then making Scriptable opening back Shortcuts by a URL Scheme…
Is there a way to run it from background?

Yes, there is if you’re using iOS 13.

You have to make the file bookmark inside Shortcuts for it to work inside Siri and Shortcuts. There should be a Scriptable action for this AFAIK. I can’t be more specific, because I don’t have iOS 13 yet.

It seems this is a limitation from iOS that doesn’t allow to share file bookmarks between Siri & Shortcuts and the Scriptable app itself.


Worked! Thank you very much !!