Quickly select emoji without the emoji keyboard

Hi all,

I’m interested in not using any keyboards other than my English language one, since I’ve been using the globe-delete key combo on my Smart Keyboard to do forward delete. I still do find myself needing emojis every now and then, and was hoping for a quick and easy way to access what amounts to the emoji palette without adding the emoji keyboard. Stuff I’ve tried:

  • Pythonista’s bets has an emoji search, which is good but I have to get the name of the emoji right.
  • This shortcut works but requires an internet connection: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/dda16d28ed794d4bac8de74e9387a267
  • I found app called Search-moji that seems pretty close to what I need, but wondering if others encountered a better alternative.

Is there something Scriptable could do for me here? Any ideas would be great!

Maybe to question the underlining premise: do you really need to search all of them? Of the hundreds of emoji, which do you actually use the most and could a simple text replacement for your top 10 or 20 emojis solve your issue 90-95% of the time?

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