Quick Update Lutron Caseta

Not entirely sure where this belongs. But wanted to share.

I have a handful of Wemo outlets around the house that work fine. And and EcoBee thermostat.

I have a dimmer switch for the lamp over my desk. Over the weekend I switched it out for a Lutron Caseta dimmer using the $99 kit that comes with the switch and hub. Everything worked the first try, hardware and software. No issues getting it talking to HomeKit. Going to do another switch later this week.

I was tempted to go with more Eero switches but after googling and asking around I got the vibe that Lutron was a more reliable option.

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I have 45 Luton devices (a combination of dimmers, switches, and Serena blinds). You won’t regret it! I’ve been using them for about two full years now with zero issues.


OMG, wow!!! :slight_smile:

I have all the switches in our house, Lutron they work better than any. I’ve never had any drop off, they have awesome distance from hub, and they are the most reliable smartphone item I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried far too many​:joy::joy::joy:. They are like apple stuff, they just work. They work very well with homekit and smart things when I used to have that. And they they have both neutral required and no neutral required which is great for older homes