Question? - What is the best way to automate enabling/disabling Popclip?

I’m not sure where to start with this one at all! I thought you guys were my best starting point :handshake:

Popclip is one of my favourite apps on the Mac but sometimes it can get in the way when using certain apps or executing various tasks. It’s easy enough to disable it from the menu bar but when it’s hidden using Bartender I’d prefer to automate it.

I currently use the following apps for automation;

  • Keyboard Maestro
  • BetterTouchTool
  • Alfred

My question is this;
What would you use to automate this process?

Look forward to hearing from you :smiley:

You can toggle poplcip between enabled/disabled with one line of applescript:

tell application "PopClip" to set enabled to not enabled

You could fire this off in KM with the “Execute an AppleScript” action, or in Alfred with a “Run Script” action set to " * /user/bin/osascript (AppleScript)"


In the PopClip FAQ you’ll find this.

Can I activate PopClip with a keyboard shortcut?
Yes. You need to do a little bit of work to set it up. See: Controlling PopClip using AppleScript.

I don’t want PopClip to appear all the time. Instead, I only want it to appear when I hold down a key (such as ⌘) .
This is a feature I have chosen not to add. Instead I suggest to turn PopClip “Off” and set up a custom keyboard shortcut (as above) to show it when wanted.

The developer suggests binding it to a keyboard shortcut with Alfred, but you could also do this with Keyboard Maestro. He also suggests that you could do it with a multi touch gesture in Better Touch Tool.

Basically there’s not much in it,but you want something fast and easy. My personal preference would be for a keyboard shortcut.

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It’s actually so easy… when you know how :raised_back_of_hand: :smile:

Thank you so much! I should really have Googled it first before asking but it was what to use that was the blocker for me!

This is fab!

I think I’ll use Better Touch Tool for these scripts.

Thanks again! :grinning: