Question Siri Shortcuts and Trello actions/ iMessage action/ sending Animated gif


I created a flow/ shortcut that fills a Trello list on a Trello board with card entries.

With a different second flow/ shortcut (invokes by a voice command for Siri) I can get this created List and i am able / want to send it via iMessage or WhatsApp Message to someone else. So far so good.

But there are some things I can’t figure out right now or it’s maybe not possible.

For encouragement reasons I thought it might be funny to add an animated gif image at the end of the created list to this workflow before sending it with an action

  1. i have not figured it out yet how to send this message with the animated gif at the end… it seems the animated gif only works when it is at the beginning… combining variables with the list and putting the image to the end ended up for me that the flow created only the name of the image after the list…
  2. And even more important: when i am only using the list ( text) the whole shortcut including the sending works completely without any necessary touch interaction by the user… if the animated gif should be sent together with the created list I always ending up with an iMessage interface inside the workflow app (shortcuts app) in which I have to press the button to send the message…

Is this maybe a general restriction to iMessage? I don’t want to push a button!!

Haven’t tried and also can’t test to send using a WhatsApp action in shortcuts at the moment … (anyone who can test this?)

Any suggestions?

Because the animated gif is only for fun reasons… it’s more important for me to run this flow/shortcut just by speech / voice but if it would be possible it would be nice…

And I have another 3rd question concerning Trello.

With a third flow I wanted to delete the cards from the list ( empty the list) automatically again…

But also seems that there is no easy way using Shortcuts actions for Trello right now to achieve this…

Also moving cards from one list to another seems not possible…in Shortcuts ( am I right?)

Any other way which make it possible to delete the cards in this Trello list automatically ?

Thanks to everyone

Not sure about the gif thing, but for more advanced functions in Trello, you should check out their super easy API