Question re. window management triggered by shortcuts


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I would love to be able to setup my windows on my screen something like this:

|Safari 60% | OmniFocus 20% | Safari (time tracking) 20% |

I’ve looked at keyboard maestro but I am not sure if it can add windows next to each other like that or if I’m limited to placing windows at the edges.

Second thing is that I really would love to be able to trigger the setup via a shortcut.

Any suggestions and advice are highly appreciated!


You can do that in Keyboard Maestro, but maybe it is worth checking out an app like Moom? It kaes stuff like this quick and easy, whereas Keyboard Maestro requires a bit more configuration.

It has AppleScript support for triggering window layouts, and you can trigger AppleScript from Shortcuts.

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I’ve downloaded Keyboard Maestro and can see a lot of uses for that as well (helped along by @MacSparky).

So this might be a stupid question, but if I use Moom to set the windows, and ad a keyboard shortcut to that, Keyboard maestro should be able to enter that keyboard shortcut and I should be able to run a shortcut for that right? (Or am I making things too complicated here?)


Okay, I assumed by shortcut you meant a Shortcuts shortcut rather than a keyboard shortcut. Apple perpetuated the overloading of names switching from “Workflow” to “Shortcuts”.

  • If you just want a keyboard shortcut, you can set one in Moom and not use any other apps.
  • If you want to call a Moom profile from within a Keyboard Maestro macro that is doing other things, you could do this by sending a key press associate with the profile, or by using a bit of AppleScript to call it.
  • If you want to call this from a Shortcuts shortcut, you could once again use some AppleScript to trigger the Moom profile.
  • You can do this in Keyboard Maestro alone, but the configuration is more effort. You can associate a keyboard shortcut with that, and you could call it from a Shortcuts shortcut via a URL call, or once again, via some AppleScript.

Does that cover all the bases?