Question about Shortcuts permission for deleting calendar items

Hey guys. I use Fantastical’s awesome Openings feature to allow clients to schedule meetings with me at their convenience.

Since I’m pretty good about keeping my availability up to date, this usually works great, except for one particular case. I never want a client to be able to schedule a meeting for the same day. For instance, I don’t want them to be able to book me for 3pm at 9am of the same day.

So, I thought I would see if Shortcuts could help me out by this. I created a Shortcut which, at 3am every day, basically adds a calendar event for the whole day, which effectively blocks the day from same day meetings. Additionally, it also deletes this same event from yesterday (just to keep my calendar history clean). This is where I run into the problem. Every time it runs, a Privacy dialogue box appears asking permission for the deletion. I totally get why this is a good thing in most cases, but I just don’t want this because I’m not going to click it at 3am when this automatically runs, and I’ve tested the shortcut and it otherwise works as I wish it to.

Is there some way around this? Can I grant permission forever for this particular shortcut to run or for any shortcut to delete events? Google so far has failed to deliver a definitive answer on this.

In the Settings app, select Shortcuts to view the settings for the Shortcuts app. Select Advanced, and enable the ‘Allow Deleting Without Confirmation’ setting. I think that should be all you need to set.

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Thank you!!! I had no idea this setting existed.