Question about setting a timer

Hey all,
I’m new to the app, and, wanted to know if something like this was possible with this app. I am wanting to create a script that, when run, would set the timer function when the time is up. Like, at night, I use the timer to stop the music after a few hours. During the day, I like the timer to play a sound when the time is up. Is this a possibility with this app? Currently, I use a shortcut to set the timer at bedtime, which alerts me to change the function, and opens the timer app. The shortcut also sets a reminder in the morning to change the function back. I am hoping this app can make this process a little more simple.

I’m afraid that no app can achieve that. Shortcuts would be the best hope, but the Shortcuts team would need to implement this. And it is the best bet, as Apple is probably not going to open up their apps to third parties any time soon…

You could make a shortcut that waits with the Wait action the desired time and then runs the Pause Music action to stop it. The only downside is that Shortcuts would need to stay open until that shortcut has finished, otherwise the app will probably be already closed when the Wait action has finished.

Or another option would be to use a third party app for the timers during the day. But they probably only work as long as they’re open or send otherwise a notification.