Pyto for widgets

I’m much more comfortable with Python than Javascript, and I’ve been playing around with building widgets using the Pyto app.

So far it has worked well, other than one glitch that was resolved fairly quickly (once it wouldn’t let me attach a script to a widget until I deleted it and started over).


woyld you like ro share.

I just discovered pyto and are stull looking for more complex examples.

I was able to run a draft in Drafts5 in python via xcallback. But still not sure about the runpy note in the Pyto docs.


Building Widgets and UI and passing back JSON or processed text would be an ideal task to learn about Pytos strenghts.

Started my investigation … Drafts5 Action Group




I found the bookmarks module in Pyto that asks for the location at the first time.

I was able to work in git repositories (WorkinCopy) directly.

That is quite powerful