PyPDF (or PyPDF2 / PyPDF3)

Does anyone have any practical experience with using PyPDF or PyPDF2 or PyPDF3?

I’m especially interested if you got it to work in Pythonista. (I’m also interested in it on Mac, but less so.)

It’s a Python library for manipulating PDFs. I would guess there might be issues on iOS in pointing at the PDFs, but maybe not.

I have some thoughts of scripts I want to write, such as a RegExp search of a PDF. (In my narrowest use case I want to see the strings that match the RegExp as well as which pages they’re on.)

I don’t but wanted to second an interest in the topic.

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I read just now that stash for Pythonista can do git cloning. And that PyPDF is pure Python. So that all looks vaguely hopeful.