Putting Mac to Sleep (third party keyboard)

Recently I made the jump to the new Keytron keyboard for Mac and I’m in love! However, there is a huge feature I seem to be missing which is the ability to put my mac to sleep when I walk away from my desk. Previously it was CMD-SHT-Eject. I’m trying to use Automator with an AppleScript that I can turn into a keyboard shortcut, however the Script I found requires a password after the machine sleeps. My ultimate goal is to do the same my Apple keyboard did for sleep, which allowed my AppleWatch to unlock my Mac after sleep.

Any help or suggestions are welcomed.

That shortcut I think is lock rather than sleep. On that basis take a look at the options here:

Download Karabiner and remap a key on the Keychron to get back the Eject key.

Someone posted a Complex Modification for the Siri key to turn back into the Eject key that you can install via Karabiner here: https://pastebin.com/BP57zEpW. Unfortunately, what the firmware on the Keychron is doing with the Screenshot, Dictation, and Siri keys is simulating keypresses (command-shift-4, fn-fn, fn-spacebar), so this solution will not allow you to retain the original function (i.e. you can press fn+spacebar+option+command OR the Siri Key+option+command to sleep the machine).