Pushcut to invoke command on a Mac on local network

Is this possible at all ? Via ssh / keyboard maestro web server etc ?



Did you mean Keyboard Maestro Remote Triggers?

As I understood it, the web server is for manual triggering through a UI, and remote triggers are via triggering a keyboardmaestro.com server that your local Keyboard Maestro listens for, and so can be triggered through simpler web request-based automations (calling a URL).

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A web trigger or remote trigger is an option, but you can trigger a Keyboard Maestro macro via shell script/AppleScript, and you can login via ssh from Shortcuts, so combining those two will get you where you want to go.

HOWEVER the first time you try this, be prepared to give permission on the Mac to authorize this action. I can’t remember which of the “Security and Privacy” options needed it, but you should see it if you are logged into the Mac and trigger the shortcut.

(p.s. - the SSH option in Shortcuts will even work without Pushcut)

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thanks, will take a look