Pushcut: shortcut refresh automation

I’m going to go a bit meta on this one…

As it stands, Pushcut needs to use a Shortcut to be refresh it’s list of Shortcuts that it can trigger. looking at the provided Export for Pushcut shortcut, it generates a list of names and then Pushcut can pick that up.

I would potentially like to use Pushcut to schedule a notification, that will run a shortcut, with multiple parts, one of which being to refresh the list of shortcuts in Pushcut. So that wold be using Pushcut to trigger a shortcut to update the shortcuts in Pushcut. Like I said, a bit meta.

Now it is really straight forward to copy the functionality of the standard shortcut into one of my own (just two standard actions). The part that I haven’t seen a way to do is to be able to open Pushcut, pass it that data and return to Shortcuts, to continue with my shortcut.

I’m assuming there’s no x-callback-url available for this sort of thing, and certainly none of the existing shortcut actions seem to permit this. If I’ve missed something around this, do let me know. Otherwise, would anyone other than me actually want to do something like this?

If so, the questions then go to @sliemeobn

  1. Is this suggestion a practical one?
  2. If so, could it be considered for a future update?

Just to add a bit of context, my overall aim would be to get a daily refresh shortcut triggering for my TextExpander snippets in Drafts (possible via URL scheme), and shortcuts lists in both Pushcut (where I have an impasse) and LaunchCuts (possible by passing an intent into the standard refresh shortcut), along with a few other more personal daily things to cover.


sorry for the late response, this one slipped through.

currently, there is no way to “push in” an updated Shortcut list into Pushcut.

I do understand the desire though and might add this in the future. It is on the list to add proper URL scheme support anyway, and this could fit in there too.

although, as the conversion to URL data is a bit messy, I might just go for a “proper” shortcuts action “Update Shotcuts” or similar, so there is less to get wrong…


A certain amount of automation of Pushcut itself would be handy.

For example this one from @sylumer. But also Stop/Start Automtion Server.

I can see a scenario where at the beginning of the day automation would:

  1. Switch on a smart plug powering the Automation Aserver device.
  2. Switch on Automation Server.
  3. Refresh shortcuts list.

and something similar at the end of the day, omitting the “refresh shortcuts” step.