Pushcut Server via XCode Simulator

I’m checking out Pushcut since hearing about it a few times on the podcast. I’m one of those people that trades in my iOS devices, though, and so don’t have an old device to dedicate to the server app. But I do have an old Macbook Pro available. It’s not M1, and I assume @sliemeobn is still working on getting the MacOS port working, so eventually I should be able to run it on my M1 MBP (or whatever version I have at that time). In the meantime, is it possible to run the server inside XCode’s Simulator?

I don’t really have any mobile development experience, just web-based, so I’m not sure of the limitations of the simulator. Has anyone had luck going this route? Is it a bridge too far for XCode or is it doable?

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First, you would need the source code for Pushcut. Is it open source?

I don’t think so. I’d assume if it was someone in the Pushcut channel would know :slight_smile:

Now “one of ours” (at least) is at the helm, I’d hope Pushcut (autocorrect said “pussycat” :slight_smile: ) running native would be in my Mac Studio’s future. It’s the one machine I can rely on to be online most of the time.