Pushcut Server requirements?

Maybe I missed this, but I can’t find what I need for hardware to run an iOS Pushcut Server.

What version of iOS is needed?

Can it run on an old iPhone SE or does it need to be an iPad?


I really want to try to set this up next week and want to make sure I sort of know what I’m doing first :slight_smile:

Hello @tjluoma,
I have not used Pushcut yet but I have done some reading about it as, like you, I am thinking about using this but I have not yet decided.

From the Pushcut website the minimum requirement is iOS 12 and an internet connection.

To get started, install Pushcut on your dedicated server device (iOS 12 or higher, internet connection required

It does not specify a particular device; just a minimum version if iOS.

The above quote was taken from this page.

Hope this helps.

Until recently I had it running on an iPhone 6S, I only switched to my old Xs Mac because the old iPhone had a limited amount of storage space and couldn’t hold all the apps I needed to be able to run my automations. Personally, I think running the latest iOS is ideal - after all, it means all your shortcuts will run.

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Well, the old SE is running 14.3 so that ought to cover for a little while at least. 64GB, which isn’t a lot, but is more than my iPad mini which has sixteen because I did not read carefully enough when buying it during a Woot!Off.

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Yeah, the 6S had 16GB of space, and installing iOS updates on it was a pain in the neck. Though I say that just after offering it to a friend to try as an automation server :laughing:

To state, I think, the obvious: The higher the OS level the more Shortcuts capabilities (and donated actions) you have to play with.

I had Automation Server running on iOS 12 once. But abandoned it for this reason. (I really didn’t want to have to figure out which shortcuts would run where.)

So, I have

  • an iPad mini 4 with iOS 13 that only as 16GB of storage
  • an iPhone SE (original) with iOS 14 that has 64GB of storage

Obviously I could update the iPad to iOS 14, but since the iPhone SE is already running it, I’m going to try setting that up over the weekend.

BTW - this is my wife’s old iPhone. I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This thing is absurdly tiny. It’s like an iPhone for ants.


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I’m considering buying an extra iOS device just for Pushcut server – what device do you guys think I’d get the most bang for my buck with?

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I looked at that and concluded it was an expensive way to carry on. No matter what device you buy. Do you have an old phone or iPad that can still run (at least) iOS 13?

(I’ve also concluded there’s not much that has to run on iOS/iPadOS.)

Hence my current obsession :slight_smile: with using Raspberry Pi computers to do lots of the work.


I actually don’t have any older iOS devices, unfortunately – so I’d have to purchase one. :frowning:

I would assume that a second-hand iPhone SE or iPad Touch would be the cheapest option. The question becomes how much longer they will be supported in terms of newer versions of iOS.

It might even be worth looking on eBay/Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace for someone who has an iPhone or iPad with a cracked-but-functional screen, since really you don’t need the screen to do much, you just need the device to be on.

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Today only, for a short time remaining:


Apple iPhone XS, 64GB - Fully Unlocked


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Yeah, I’d love to find a way to offload the bulk of this capability to a pi or my Linux server. Obviously it won’t run shortcuts automatically that way.

$350+ is hard to swallow for an iOS device that has to sit there doing one thing.

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