Pushcut notifications keep appearing despite deletion

I have deleted some Pushcut notifications after not using them anymore and they keep appearing. Any suggestions to what’s going on here?


oh boy, that should definitely not happen. I assume we are talking about “Local Triggers”?

did you delete the notifications on the same device that you are getting them now?

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Hi Simon.
Thanks for getting back! I’ve been ill with Covid so haven’t been able to respond. Much better now.

Yeah I assume we’re talking about local triggers too. I’m not really sure to be honest.

I went in and deleted the notifications on the same device that I was getting them.

Anyway, best of Christmas to you and happy new year

oh my, sorry to hear that. I hope you recover quickly and fully.

if you still have issues with “stuck” local notifications, I am afraid there is not much for me to do other than apologise: this is not supposed to happen.

the quickest way to “clean up” will be to remove Pushcut from your device and re-install it. You should not lose any data - but all local triggers will have to be re-created… :unamused:

you could also try to disable notifications for Pushcut (in Settings), restart iOS, enable again - maybe that can flush out any stuck notifications in iOS…

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Hi Simon

Thank you for your reply. I deleted Pushcut from my iPhone and iPad. Then re-created the local triggers, while also deleting a few of them.

I should have received some notifications today already, but none have come through. I had a look in Settings on my iPhone but couldn’t find any notifications settings for Pushcut. Could this be the issue?

oh, that is strange - could you try to hit the “Test Notification” button in the app on any notification. this should force the permission check regardless of whatever happened before…

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That should do it, thanks Simon! Keep up the great work.

Sorry, Simon. Local triggers and notifications stil not showing up on either my iPhone or iPad. I don’t know now, any thoughts?

hmm… after taking the steps as described, I don’t see how iOS could still trigger them. are you sure those are “local triggers” then?

maybe you have some other integration of webhook linked to Pushcut that keeps sending?

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They should be local triggers :blush:

@sliemeobn any thoughts? or am I looking at a total reset :blush:

Saw your update on Twitter today. Does that mean a solution for this issue as well?
Best wishes,

hi, sorry to leave you hanging there.

the truth is, I have no idea where these notifications are “stuck” in your case, so I doubt this update will help in this case… : (

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