Pushcut notifications have no sound anymore


I have a single notification, which I trigger via the web API. The notification is displayed on my iPhone. During the last days I was wondering, why I did not get notifications anymore.
Turns out I received these notifications, but without sound or vibration.

It might be failing since an update to iOS 15.6.1.
My Pushcut app has version 2022.4. The latest version today.

I was also observing problems using the „Test notification“ button in the app. The notification was just not displayed.

I have also restarted my iPhone, but that did not improve my situation.

Any ideas?

Hi @weda82 and welcome to the forums.

What I’m going to ask are somewhat very cheesy first-line-support type of questions but as you didn’t mention them I have to ask:

  • Are the notifications settings allowing the sounds for PushCut?
  • If on an iPhone, is the Ring/Silent switch (right side) enabled? It kills all sound in my experience
  • Is the volume level higher than 0 ?
  • Is a Focus Mode enabled that would remove sounds or notifications from PushCut?

(I wanted to ask “Did you turn it off and on again” for the joke, but you already did :slight_smile: )

Crossing fingers


Thank you

I forgot to mention, that I already checked these things.

Pushcut notifications are allowed to use sounds by the iOS settings. Silent switch is not turned on an volume is about 50%. No focus mode is active.

In Pushcut, in the configuration for a notification, you can set a sound for the notification. Given the sounds worked previously, I assume these are set. But, each sound has a preview icon on it. Do you hear a sound when that is selected?

If it does, try changing the sound on an existing notification and create a new notification you can test with. Do either of these notifications subsequently create a sound when triggered?

Ok recreating my notification seems to fix my problem :man_shrugging:

Thank you for your assistance :+1: