Pushcut issue on Public Beta


All the usual caveats: this is not a complaint or anything else negative. I’m on i*OS beta and know/accept the risks/issues. This is just a warning to anyone thinking about tying the beta.

Pushcut continued to work fine on my devices on i*OS 15 public beta (2nd release).

I have just run the import to update Pushcut with a couple of new Shortcuts that I have written. Unfortunately all of the Shortcuts have now disappeared from Pushcut so Pushcut cannot run anything.

Running the Export for Pushcut Shortcut from within Shortcuts provides the list of Shortcuts correctly, so the issue is somewhere in the import part of Pushcut that the beta seems to have broken.

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I have an old iPhone that I run Pushcut server on and this is still running the full release version of iOS. I’ve just run the Pushcut Shortcut importer on this phone and it has successfully imported the Shortcuts, also making them available to the beta devices. In other words, Pushcut is still working correctly on the current beta, it is just the Shortcut import that fails.

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