Pushcut inspiration

I was thinking of using an old phone to start a Pushcut server. I have some ideas, but need some inspiration. What do you guys use the server for?

I don’t have any homekit stuff, but I use Notion, Notes, Google Drive, Reminders, VS Code, Apple Calendar.

Have you seen the examples on the website?

I have used it for home automation and auto generating content into apps on iOS from external sources. Mainly on an ad hoc basis for a period of time as I didn’t like having an iOS device for the automating and being unlocked.

The Mac beta is a better platform choice for me, so I expect to do more of with that down the road.

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Yeah, I looked on the website, but wanted to know from more perspective!

Aah, nice with Pushcut on Mac, is there any major differences compared with on IOS?

I would say yes, in that there are all the differences you might expect from switching between the two :wink:

The Pushcut development team is present on the forum, so I’ll leave it to them to note how much they wish to disclose during the beta period as to the differences, benefits, constraints, etc.