Pushcut goes Zapier - Get Early Access

I have a bigger release of Pushcut lined up that allows the integration of online automation services (starting with zapier, then ifttt, flow, other 3rd-party integrations…).

It will be possible to trigger dynamic notifications from services, but also trigger online stuff directly from notification actions (ie: instead of a shortcut you can then directly trigger a zap/applet/flow).

To get this done smoothly I am looking to extend my beta testers pool a bit. If you are interested in trying out these things with TestFlight builds, please email (office@pushcut.io) or DM me.

Thanks for you help!


thanks for your help, automators!

Pushcut 1.6 is out with support for online service integrations.
Check out this Zapier Invite for early access to the Zapier integration.

next up: integromat

A thought:
It would be really simply to add automatic, location-based triggering of “online actions” (ie: zaps) - similarly to what the IFTTT app does, but with finer control, and eventually for all connected services, even custom DIY APIs.

anyone interested?