Pushcut for monitoring body temperature

One indicator of Covid-19 is increased body temperature. To reduce the risk of inadvertently infecting friends and colleagues, I therefore measure my body temperature each morning right after getting out of bed.

Since I’m living an Apple lifestyle I log my data in Health.app. To make this easier, I have created a Pushcut which prompts me each morning at 5:00 to launch the following simple Shortcut which asks for the temperature and adds it to Health.app:


Stay safe! :microbe:

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Because of Covid-19 I bought this advanced thermometer:

It’s App automatically puts the measurement in the Health App :smile:

This thermometer is pricy, but really convenient.

Yeah, I looked at that one when Covid “took off”, but it hasn’t been available for purchase since then. I was lucky to find any thermometer at all - a simple but accurate mouth thermometer from Braun. It’s as dumb as it gets, but at least it has a flexible tip which makes measurements less uncomfortable :sweat_smile:

It was sold out when I checked as well. However I noticed that it sometimes would become available on the Withings website (never in local online stores) and then sell out again within hours… I was rather luckily actually; somebody tweeted about getting it with a 30%/$30 discount and I was able to buy it using that promo (code) as well, just before it got sold out again.