Pushcut does not execute an Apple Shortcut - only a pop-up comes up

Hello everyone,

I have run into a problem with Pushcut and I am hopeless.

I have a HomeKit automation which executes a webhook with Pushcut URL.

Pushcut captures this webhook. A pop-up comes up with Notification (it has an assigned action which is an Apple Shortcut “script”).

The shortcut itself works (I can run it from the app Shortcuts and it does what it’s supposed to do).

However the Puscut app never executes the Shortcut action. It only shows the notification. When I use “Test this notification” option it behaves the same way.

Any ideas on what I am missing?

Thanks a lot.

Have you tried setting it as the default action for the notification and tapping on it to run it, or if it is just displaying a single menu item when the menu is tapped, tapping on the item to run it?

Yes, the default action is set. When I tap the notification, it works just fine.

It’s just that it does not set off the Shortcut automatically…

Thanks for reply.

It sounds like what describe is the expected behavior: Notification actions are not executed “automatically” in the background. This is simply not possible in iOS.

If automatic execution is what you want, check out the new Automation Server feature. (requires a dedicated iOS device though)