Pushcut: Combine time and location for local triggers

Pushcut now supports local triggers like:
“every weekday at 7.30 PM, but only when I am at home”
“when I leave from work between 4 and 8 PM”

And, as requested by a few Automators, I also added support for iBeacons.

I know everybody (including me) is busy drooling about iOS 13 shortcuts - but I think this allows for pretty cool automation as well ; )

Let me know what you think!


Super cool option! I have been experimenting with the local triggers. For a particular notification, I have a trigger for certain days, one for others, and one for when I arrive home. At the appropriate time today for one of the triggers, it popped up 3 of the same notification. Any settings I need to adjust or is this potentially a bug?

… that does not sound right, no… :frowning_face:

I suspect there is a bug in there somehow, I had one similar report a while a go. So, looks like a somewhat rare occurrence, but a bug nonetheless.

Could you do me a favor and verify if this solves the issue:

  • go to the misbehaving trigger
  • turn Enabled off
  • save
  • turn Enabled on
  • save

It will be probably be best to further diagnose this via feedback@pushcut.io

Thanks for reporting this!

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youre welcome, appears to have taken care of it. i will submit to the feedback email if i see it again