Pushcut API errors?

Is anyone else experiencing problems with calls to the Pushcut API? Like anything triggering a Pushcut notification by calling the URL or other integrations like Integromat?

Yes. I’ve had an Integromat scenario failing the last few days and it has a Pushcut call in it. Every time I manually re-enable it, it completes the run and I get my Pushcut notification through.

I’ve been assuming it is something to do with the scheduler on Integromat for this reason.

I had some issues with trying to trigger a Pushcut notification from somewhere else, though using the notification’s URL. Which is why I wondered if it was a wider issue.

It also just started in the last day or two for me, and I’ve had these scenarios running for months without issue. Yesterday every time I re-enabled my Integromat scenarios, it would error most of the time it ran and hit the limit causing it to be disabled.

It wasn’t until last night that I remembered about using error handlers. :woman_facepalming:t2: At that point, I added one to the Pushcut modules and added an HTTP module to call Pushover if Pushcut failed. It seemed to still be failing over to Pushover a lot this morning, but in the last hour or two I’ve been getting more successful Pushcut notifications again.

All it said when it didn’t work was “unknown error occurred”. I did contact Integromat support, but they said it seemed to be a Pushcut problem and didn’t have any suggestions. I put an email in to the Pushcut feedback address, but no reply as yet.

Fair enough. I’ve had it the last 3 days I think, but not investigated any deeper; but it sounds like you have much more data than me.

Any known issues @sliemeobn?

My apologies!

As I posted on twitter, an Apple Developer Account migration was causing these very unexpected issues with APNS (ie: the push notification system). The Pushcut backend got all sorts of inconsistent error messages about certificate issues, and I was basically locked out during the transition.

The account migration has finally gone through and everything appears to work again. The whole thing took me by surprise, and all I can do is apologize for the inconvenience.

I hope everything is back to normal for you as well.

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Thanks for the update! That all sounds like a hassle!

It does appear to be back to normal for me now. :blush:

Also, I guess I don’t use Twitter enough anymore, because I didn’t even think to look there. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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