Pushchut - Not receiving notification, Error: No devices found with push tokens

Hi There.

I have been a long time user of pushcut and never had an issue until recently when I switched phone (but the last 2 or 3 phone changes were without issues…).

I use a shortcut (with url and get content of url) to trigger when a motion sensor detects motions. I do get the home app notification that motion was detected but nothing from pushcut.
When I manually run that shortcut (with the url and get content of url) the result window shows:

{“error”:“No devices found with push tokens.”}

Any idea what is causing this and what I could do to fix it?

I am signed in to the same icloud and account in pushcut/ios, i have tried generating a new secret and updated my url, under “devices” i do see the “current device” being shown and no other devices are listed there.


Sorry, missed this topic when it was originally posted.

Are you sending the notification to a specific device or all your devices?
Could you send your account ID (Account → Button in the top left corner → About → Scroll down and tap “Account id”) to feedback@pushcut.io so we can take a look at this?

I’m having the exact same issue, and it seems to have started after I switched over to a new phone. Will send an email to the feedback@pushcut.io account. Thanks!