Proximity Of Mac To Phone Or Watch

Is there a technique for kicking off automation when a phone or watch comes close to a Mac? In my case it’s a MacBook Pro and I’m thinking of within a very few metres or feet, not just being on the same WiFi network.

(Beacons, as we’ve discussed before, aren’t reliable enough for this.)

I thought you had only discussed this for iOS before? There should be a lot more flexibility on ranging with a Mac as you could have an active scan running at all times if you wanted.

Maybe something based on the code for iBeaconScanner? It runs an active scan for more accurate measurement of distance and general proximity.

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OK. Maybe I’m not drawing enough of a distinction - between iOS and Mac OS. And I have tried Mac and iBeacon. But that’s not going to help me much as it’s my phone and watch (especially) that wander about a fair amount. :slight_smile: