Prompt on Watch when running a shortcut

I’ve set up a “menu” shortcut in a complication on my Watch 5. It’s running watchOS 7.0.2 (which is the latest offered at the time of writing.)

The shortcut just has 1 menu item (for now): PCalc. This works but there’s an annoyance: I have to confirm I want the shortcut to run.

Is there a way of avoiding this confirmation prompt?

I have a Watchface with a Pcalc (Lite) complication and it works without any prompt.

Thank you. But this is running a shortcut with a menu and PCalc is one of the items in the menu. (Currently the only one but that’s a different story.)

It would seem that any shortcut complication requires confirmation. I’ll also be interested if anyone knows a way around it. If only Apple would be more consistent about giving users the option of having confirmations.

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So we’re back to “is there enough in the automation to warrant it?” question.

So, the menu shortcut gives me three taps to a lot of apps, widening the easy-to-access field beyond the 1 complication spot. It’s probably just about worth it. Would eliminating the confirmation change the calculus? I actually doubt it.

But, add to that actual shortcuts that do more than launch an app and it’s well worth it. It’s just that - so far- I haven’t seen (m)any.