Project Tracking with AutoHotkey and Toggl

I’m very pleased with my latest script and wanted to share with those that would appreciate it too.

I have an ahk script running on my machine that watches the window titles and if a keyword in that title matches a list of keywords I have designated for a project, it starts the timer in Toggl through a simple API call.

If the window changes to another window that matches the same project, it just keeps on truckin’.

I have also made it possible for me to flag windows as neutral. Meaning, if a timer is running and a neutral window is up, it doesn’t stop nor start a timer.

If I switch to a different window related to another project, then the timer for that will start seamlessly.

All projects are kept in Toggl, and keyword data is located on a file and they are merged together when the tracker starts. I was thinking of moving the keywords to labels in Toggl so everything could be kept there, but I don’t want to pollute the Toggl environment. I would love to hear suggestions on what I could do about this so I don’t have to have data stored locally.

Anyway, I’m pretty proud of this one. Thought I would share!


This is pretty cool, it’s in evitable so when I do end up spending more time on windows out in sure to keep your post in mind.

If I’m using Toggl for time tracking, however right now Timing on Mac OS is my main time tracking app.

Keep up the creative work.

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I use Toggl as well, and your scripts would be a lifesaver for me. Do you mind posting?

Sure, I’ll try to scrub it a bit and post it. I’m currently working on a .net implementation of it so hopefully I’ll have something installable in the near future.

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Hi @fischgeek, I would still love an example, even if it’s just the API call.

Does toggle’s API let you set a description as well as a project name?

Apologies, my involvement in this community has diminished. However, I have a (call it) beta version in this repo that I just updated with instructions that you are more than welcome to try out. I plan on updating to make it easier to use in the future.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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