Problems with Pushcut Notifications on Apple Watch

Hi there,
I have problems with receiving Pushcut notifications on my Apple Watch.
I started with having the Pushcut app on both devices (iPhone an Watch) and I receive some of my notifications and some not.
Then I uninstalled Pushcut on the watch because I thought it may change the behavior to standard and send my notification to the watch (Pushcut is enablend in the Watch app).

I then found out, that some notification come to the Watch and some don´t. I did some more research and it seams that it depends on the used picture. I have a simple picture of a doof that´s used for sending a notification if my door is opened (this works).

The Notification with a nice Cappuccino (when switching my espresso machine on/off)

won´t work on the Watch.

Any ideas or solutions for this problem?


Any notable commonalities with the image tagged notifications that don’t arrive on the watch vs those that do.


  • Image dimensions (px)
  • Image file size (kb)
  • Image file type (jpg/png/gif/etc.)

I can imagine scenarios where such things might affect the watche’s ability to display a notification whereas the phone gets access to more resources and could cope with say larger, more complex images.

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Hey, exactly what I thought just after posting this. I thought that Pushcut might resize the images automatically. But it obviously doesn´t.
I changed the file to 300px max and now it works :slight_smile:

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Pushcut does re-compress images when the file size is large, but it doesn’t change the actual dimensions.

I could definitely envision ways in which the watch might be more limited than the phone when it comes to displaying images, but I’m surprised that it just doesn’t show them at all. I’ll do some testing with your image and see if I can reproduce this.

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Thanks, but I already changed the old picture and reduced it to 300x300 px.
Now everything works fine.

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oh yeah, I’m glad your problem is solved. I just don’t like any bugs in Pushcut!

If you like I can send the original to you…

I am a new Pushcut user, have a Pushcut Applewatch notification problem & hope it’s OK to ask here.

Zero Pushcut notifications are arriving on my watch, (most other apps appear fine).

Should I have the app installed on the watch?

Would you expect Test Notification to work or does the iPhone activity inhibit notifications appearing on the watch?
Any suggestions to get this working for me?


I had the same problem with pictures being too large. Try resizing pictures to a sensible pixel of eg 300px for the long side.
Wishes Martin