Problems with “Get Details of Calendar Event”

I have a couple of shortcuts that I haven’t been able to make work. Both shortcuts are meant to generate a list of calendar events over a specified date range. In every case, I always get this error message:

No matter what I try, I can’t figure out how to eliminate this error. Here is an example of a shortcut where this is a problem. I’ve tried many other configurations in this shortcut, but they all break down with the same error. What am I doing wrong?

The trouble is that the first “get details of calendar event” action is passing its result (the start date) into the second “get details of calendar event” action. (And the same for the second and third such actions).

If you put a “Get Variable” action in between the two “Get Details” actions and set it to the “Repeat Item” action, you should get the result you’re expecting. :slight_smile:


You could actually simplify further by using properties of the repeat item variable directly like this.


Yep. That’s the exact problem. As someone who isn’t a natural programmer, I sometimes forget the way data and variables naturally flow through the shortcut. Thanks.

That’s a very elegant solution. I forgot about the granularity with which I can access the variables. This is definitely what I’m going with. Thanks.