Problems with Drafts Shortcut on Carplay

Hi there,

I’ve set up a very basic shortcut that opens the Voice Dictation parts of Drafts when I say “Dictate”

That works fine normally - apart from when I”m in the car, when Siri tells me that it can’t run the shortcut while I”m driving. I’m not quite sure why this is given that I’m just talking, as I would when I would send a message.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? As the Shortcut was specifically set up for CarPlay.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Is there any difference when running your Shortcut of having the phone unlocked vs locked.

I don’t have CarPlay so I can’t test it, but I would guess that you might be trying to “run” the Drafts app while the phone is locked and that might be interpreted by CarPlay restrictions as something you can’t operate while driving.

You can use Siri to capture to Drafts using “Hey Siri, create a note using Drafts…”, but this will use Siri’s shorter dictation capture rather than Draft’s looped capture technique.

Oh, I’ll definitely try that. Thanks very much @sylumer!

So, I thought I’d update this to say that unlocking my phone doesn’t seem to have solved this. So, if there are any other suggestions, then that would be great.

Thanks very much,

Just wondering, did you find a way around this? I’m having the same issue.