Problems finding or creating a Calendar for Reminders

Within Scriptable all my attempts to find or create a calendar that can be used for reminders fail.

await Calendar.defaultForReminders();

  • On both my iPhone and iPad this throws the error “There is no default calendar for reminders. Make sure that you have added an account for calendars in the system settings.” The settings shows the Default List set to “Reminders”.

await Calendar.findOrCreateForReminders('Reminders');

  • On my iPhone this throws the error “That account does not support reminders”.
  • On my iPad this throws error “Cannot find a source to create a new reminders list in. Go to system settings and m sure that you have added a calendar account that supports reminders.”
    The same errors are reported on both devices regardless of the title specified (the default list, a different existing list, or not matching any existing list).

await Calendar.presentPicker();

  • On my iPhone this opens a Calendars dialogue box listing all of the non-reminder calendars, but not the lists shown by the Reminders app.
  • On my iPad this opens an Show Calendars dialogue box, but does not list any calendars. This is despite the Calendars app showing the same calendars as on my iPhone.

This is with Scriptable 1.6.12 running on iOS 15.3.1 and iPad 15.3.1. I have Reminders enabled in iCloud settings, am able to add lists and reminders within the Reminders app, and these sync between my iPhone and iPad. Scriptable is enabled under Settings>Privacy>Reminders on both devices.

Any ideas?

I have now reimplemented my script in Shortcuts and it is working perfectly.