Problems creating a reminder in Shortcuts

I’m trying to create a shortcut that takes inputs from a menu and creates a Due reminder based on those inputs, but I can’t get it to run consistently. The strange thing is that sometimes it will run. Other times, it outputs the error “Sorry, something went wrong. Shortcuts says, ‘This action cannot but run in the current environment’”

I have my AirPods on and I am initiating the shortcut from my iPhone, but the message makes me think it’s trying to run from the HomePod (even though the menu selection prompts and resulting error are coming up on the iPhone).

Has anyone seen anything like this? Any ideas what’s going wrong?

Have you tried the “wait” trick for this error that was previously discussed?

No, I hadn’t! Thanks for the heads up. I put it in, though and no change – maybe I put the wait in the wrong location? I’m unclear on where it’s supposed to go…I’m not collecting any location data and there’s no external API that Siri needs to return from, as far as I can tell.

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