Problem with Shortcuts syncing from device to device In iOS 14

After being on IOS 14 for 3 weeks I think I’ve figured out where the Shortcuts syncing problem lies. If I create a new Shortcut on my iPad after I have updated then that Shortcut syncs perfectly with my iPhone. Every time you make a change in one device it instantly changes in the other device. However if you have an older Shortcut that was created before the update and you make changes to it on one device the changes do not show up on the other device even though it is the same Shortcut. Please let me know if anyone else is getting the same results. And please report it to Feedback as this is a big problem.

I’ve had this also and reported to Apple. Have also lost all my folders a couple of times now for no explicable reason I assume related to syncing.

Yes, I have these exact problems. Someone suggested to delete the shortcuts app. And reinstall it. The shortcuts where then reloaded from iCloud. I have had less problems.

I have a client for whom I create shortcuts. He had the same problem. But just with one device. I sent him new versions of the 6 shortcuts I made for him and one gave a version problem on the same device.

I have more problems with iOS 14 and shortcuts. Relating to the language setting of my iPhone (Dutch) and shortcuts (English).
Some iCloud actions just don’t work.

Maybe these issues are related?

Yep that worked perfectly. I deleted both Shortcuts from my iPhone and iPad and then downloaded them again and after they downloaded all my Shortcuts from the iCloud both devices now sync perfectly. Thanks for the tip!
On a side note. It turns out Personal Automations do not sync to the iCloud. Damn. So a warning you will lose your Personal Automations if you delete Shortcuts from your device. This is another good reason to use “Run Shortcut” instead of creating the Shortcut inside the Automation.

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I have the same problem, Will try to delete and reinstall the app