Problem with shortcut to append text to file when running from Apple Watch

I have a simple shortcut that appends my current location formatted as a GPX track to an existing text file.

This works just fine when running from my iPhone.

I would like to be able to execute the shortcut from the Action Button on my Apple Watch Ultra. When I attempt to run from the AW the shortcut begins execution and then errors out with “GPX Track failed”, followed by the notification “There was a problem running the shortcut”.

I’m assuming there might be a limitation running a shortcut from AW that appends to a file.

Can anyone confirm? Are there other ways I could approach this simple use case (trigger a text file update from my AW).

Thanks for any tips/guidance. — jay

[edit] - ignore the text action in the middle of the shortcut that is seemingly unused. I copied this example from a larger shortcut to serve as a minimally functional reproducible example. I missed that action while deleting the superfluous logic.

No ideas? I assume I’m on a dead end path

My resolution… DataJar

Actions to append to a DataJar structure will execute successfully when triggered from Apple Watch.