Problem with Omni Automation Script

Hi All,

I downloaded a super helpful OmniFocus automation script from Sal’s site to modify dates on selected tasks. You can see the original here.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid that the plugin might be out of date as I’m bumping into an error message when using any of the scripts. I’m still fairly new to Omni Automation and having a hard time reading this.

I can safely point to the date library file (DateLib.js) in the script which is doing most of the magic, but I’m hoping someone smarter than me can help me diagnose this issue.

This is a bug within OmniFocus itself, and has been fixed in the test builds in both iOS and macOS versions, but might not have made it to the public versions yet. :blush: So the options are to wait, or grab the test builds.

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This is even better than trying to fix it myself, thank you!

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