Prevent universal or deep links from opening app

Is there a way to prevent websites from opening universal or deep links in certain cases?

For example it is much easier too look at multiple individual’s busy status for a week on than it is in the app.

Right now I search for “google calendar” in Safari and then “Open in New Tab” but it would be great if I could have a Shortcut, Scriptable, or Home Screen Favorite that wouldn’t pop me back into Google’s app.

Apps register particular URLs in the OS.

The most heavy-handed way would be to uninstall the app. That would then break the registration.

An alternative is that different Browser apps can intercept the URLs before they are triggered. For example, if I navigate to this URL in Safari, it offers to open the Drafts app and opens to a particular Draft.


If I choose to do this in Chrome, then it ends up opening a search page.

Now mileage may vary based on the URL. My example is for a non-Google app with a non-web presence for the URL trigger. Not everything is like that and sometimes web pages can bounce things back to the OS. But it might be worth trying out some alternative (to Safari) browsers and seeing if you have an experience that gets closer to your preferences.

Hope that helps.

The simplest thing is probably just to long press. Depending on the app, the options presented might give you a way around the launch of an app.

You could try Opener. Conventionally, links Shared to Opener give you a menu of different in-app launch options—the opposite of what you’re going for. Not sure how well it would work in this use case though.

I completely forgot that there was an “Open in Chrome” action available in Shortcuts!

That did the trick.


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Thanks for the reply!

I have Opener and use it for the opposite direction for Youtube. Combining it with @sylumer’s suggestion of Chrome is helpful too…just needed to open up the disclosure triangle to see all my lovely browser options.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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