Post to Slack via Shortcuts

Hello! I want to post to a Slack channel from Shortcuts. I currently use Zapier for this, and it works very well. My Shortcut counts the number of records in an Airtable view and posts that number to a Slack channel. The problem is that I am trying to make something shareable with my team. Some of them are technophobic and will not go through the (minimal) trouble of setting up Zapier. The Shortcut has to work all by itself. I am very new to working with APIs.

I’m working on an app, Shortcuts Utilities, that has native actions for popular APIs and I’m looking at Slack posting. That would let you post without Zapier. I can post back when Slack support is added in case you want to try it.

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This was possible but was taken away for whatever reason. I ran my Daily Standup via Shortcuts to streamline the process in the mornings. My current solution is to save to clipboard and then auto-open Slack for my to Paste the contents.

The change added back a few steps to the workflow but not the end of the world.

Have your team run the Shortcut, open Slack automatically, and have them paste the values. Not ideal but may work for the time being.


Yes, please! Thanks very much.