Possible Hue scenarios for constant daily blackouts


We have constant and unpredictable daily blackouts here in Ukraine. When power is back, Hue lights always turned on. It may be in the middle of the night, may be when I`m out of home.

What could be possible scenario to semi-automaticly turn Hue lights off after blackouts? I have RPi, Pushcat subscription. Thinking about Pushcut, but could not figure out yet how could it work for me.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you!

Hue lights can be set to particular power on states via the Hue app, including custom ones (so dim or off are options).

Does that help?

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Thank you! There was an Automators episode, when David told about Hue beheviour after power failures, so i did not check by myself is there other options and they are — thanks again, Stephen!