Populating Bear Note from Book (so copyrighted content)


I have a very specific question and I hope there’s a way to achieve this.

I’m using a Shortcut at the moment that populates a Bear note with ‘the layout of my day’. It starts with a quote, then the xkcd of the day, the weather and my commute length, and then it goes on to pull out from my calendar my appointments for the day, from todoist the tasks of the day, the day’s headlines etc. I found this Shortcut on Reddit as making this myself is definitely above my skill level.

I was showing this to my friend, and we’re both obsessed with the Daily Stoic book. I was wondering if there’s any way of populating my daily Bear note with the quote of the day from Daily Stoic.

I realise this is copyrighted content, but this is obviously for private consumption so I feel like it’s kinda okay =//. But obviously, the content only exists in the book so to make this work one would either have to 1) get permission from the author, or 2) screenshot everything and then somehow use some shortcut magic to pull the photo from a categorised database.

Am I wild to want this? Do you have any creative ideas for solutions that could work, and be ethical**.


**edit. As I’m writing this I realised the only way to achieve this would be by getting permission from the author. I’ve emailed him to see if he would grant this.

Not sure of the exact content of the mails, but perhaps you could make use of the daily mailing?

See details at https://dailystoic.com/life/

If you could have a web service put the latest copy in Dropbox you could parse the content and then incorporate the details you require into your personal Bear note.

If you want just the 365 days of quotes/questions, then I think manually copying them out into a file, placing that into a Shortcuts accessible folder and then reading in from that to populate is the way to go. I think the ideal would be to store each question as a value with the day of the year as the key. Load the file in (check out JSON for formatting your data), look up the day as the key and get your question.

Hope that helps.

I’m unclear as to where this quote would be coming from: an email? An ebook? A website?

If it is an ebook, you’re likely to have trouble automating it in any way, especially on iOS. Might be able to do it on a Mac with Keyboard Maestro or something, but it wouldn’t be easy even there.

Since thy have an RSS feed, you might just want to

  1. grab the latest,
  2. convert to text, and then
  3. send to Bear.

This might help get you started.

Daily Stoic Starter

Maybe someone with som RegEx chops could help convert the markdown links to plain text.

PS: Shouldn’t be a copyright issue since you are privately consuming their RSS feed.

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yeah, it would be from an ebook =//. I feel like the most logical solution is literally just add a checklist item ‘read the page from the daily stoic’.

oh, wow – I was able to modify this exactly to my needs, thank you !!! this is fantastic. I don’t think it’s from the book directly, but I think this is a perfectly acceptable substitution.

I made the following adjustments as I was exploring this (find here) but if I like this, I’ll probably move this into my DailyDos checklist. Thank you so much, loupage!

ooh, if I don’t like the daily emails (see other comments) I may do this!
this is a very doable approach it feels like.

Great, glad it worked out well for you!