Pomodoro App with Shortcuts Support

Just a head-up to anyone that might be looking for a Pomodoro timer app: I have recently discovered Focus which I am really enjoying. I always end up looking for this style of app and then deleting it because it automatically progresses me to the next focus/pause session, or because it randomly sends me notifications telling me to ‘get to work’, etc etc.

It has Siri Shortcuts support which is great, and the timer has a widget and syncs great between devices. The timer options are really good, allowing you to extend for another X minutes, skip a break, basically anything you might want to do. And it automatically resets overnight.

All this is available in the free version—there is a Pro version which appears to include more reporting etc and also the ability to add tasks to work on—including bringing them in from Omnifocus. I haven’t experimented with this at all but thought it may be of interest to some of you.

This is one of those apps I’d never heard of but seems really polished, so if you’re looking for something like this it might be worth checking out.


Thanks a lot for this app suggestion, I’ll have to check it out.
It sounds like something that could be very useful, as I announced in my most recent podcast episode Toggl doesn’t work for my needs with the 2 most recent updates, unless I hack together Shortcuts which I guess isn’t necessarily a problem.
however I’ll be sure to look into this app.

I downloaded Focus on iOS yesterday and used it for some bursts of podcast editing and slide making activity.

I like it. The one limitation I’ve found is that you can’t - either by hand for free, or with Shortcuts support - set a custom duration.

So, as an example, if I clean some part of the house I want to set a 15 minute timer. However, brain work like writing slides I want a 30 minute one.

I’ve posited this on Twitter (I’m @martinpacker) with the Focus developer.

I guess this isn’t quite in the spirit of Pomodoro.

I don’t think there’s Shortcuts support for it but you can change the timer time by swiping up or down with two fingers. It might donate something to Shortcuts after you’ve done so but I haven’t tested it, so quite possibly not.

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Hi Michael, I’m not sure how well it would work as a Toggl substitute but of course it might be worth a try. Perhaps the additional features of the pro version would be suitable but I haven’t looked into them enough to say.

I use it more to help me concentrate on work for short bursts of time and remind me to take breaks. I use a different app (in this case ATracker) for tracking where I have spent my time.

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For things like this I’ve either been using Due, or Timer+ - I love the ability to start a stopwatch in the latter via a URL scheme, so I can easily see how long I’ve been working on certain things when I don’t set a timer.


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Just as an update to this Focus has added a URL scheme (which does allow starting a timer of a custom duration @Martin_Packer, so might be useful to you?)