Poll: Ascidoctor Users

Any Ascidoctor-Users in this Forum?
Wold love to exchange some thoughts and share notes …


We recently moved away from Markdown to AsciiDoc to use Antora at work.

Don’t have that much experience with AsciiDoc yet though.

we moved from madcap Flare.

As editor we use Visual Studio Code with extensions. The IntelliJ applications (like PyCharm) do also haves great preview window.

I am still searching for a WYSIWYG editor like Typora (a great Markdown editor)

My Android colleagues are indeed using IntelliJ tools.

I was using Sublime Text (editing) and Marked 2 (viewing) for Markdown, so for now I just use a custom preprocessor in Marked.

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Wow I did not realise that Marked is able to do that.

Thanks for sharing.

AgileTortoise is working on a similar Syntax Definion in Drafts am eager to get my hands on that…