Podcast listening tip: Huffduffer

Wanted to pass this along. Been using it for years. You know how you can use Pocket or InstaPaper to grab things you want to read later?

Huffduffer is kind of the same thing but for audio. If you see an audio clip on YouTube or often embedded in some other site that you’d like to listen to in your podcast player of choice latter, Huffduffer will do that for you.

What it effectively does it create a custom podcast/RSS feed that you subscribe to in your podcast player. Then when you see some audio clip you want, you add it to Huffduffer which then strips the audio and adds to your Huffduffer podcast feed. (Huffduffer refers to a WWII era submarine detection tool)

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Exactly the reason I never went down the Overcast upload route. I already had my Huffduffer feed in the Overcast podcast player.

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