Playing on the HomePod

I have a shortcut that works for handing off audio from my phone to the HomePod, but I want to actually get the HomePod to play the audio on its own, an not be reliant on my phone (since I am leaving the house and want to listen to something on my phone and want audio to play on my HomePod when I am not home).

I cannot get this to work (iOS 13.2.4).

When I try to add a Control home => HomePod and tell it to play audio I get a message “Could not add automation. To add an automation that plays audio, choose audio for this automation to play.” The action before this is “Get songs in ” but that does not link tto the home control action (there’s no line). If I first set the airplay target, then get the playlist, then play the playlist, it works until I get off my home WiFi (so, about 15 seconds).